4 Practical PPC Tips for Selling More Online This Holiday Season

  1. Remember last year? Not everything that happened followed the same patterns as the rest of the year. Why? Because consumers act differently around the holidays. They want a deal, they want it at ungodly times of the morning – because that’s when society told them its time to shop online, and they want to be targeted at least three times before they purchase. They want to be waved at on Instagram, on Google and on your website homepage banner (presumably).
  2. Every successful PPC campaign starts with the 3 Big ‘ol P’s. No, not the 3 P’s of marketing, but rather, plan. plan. plan. If you haven’t already begun, you better get going now, because holiday season isn’t any different. Plan the strategy, plan the audiences, plan the promotions and plan the creatives.
  3. Up your ads budget. ‘Tis the season and your competitors know that. Its time to pay to play, because you have one chance and you don’t want to blow it just because your buddy showed you a trick to save on ad spend. This is your moment to sell.
  4. Don’t forget that Black Friday and Cyber Monday was established on the basis of merchandise being on SALE. Yes, consumers shop for gifts, but the hype is around a good promotion. Humor, dad jokes and good puns are for every other day of the year. Without a very solid promotion, you will not be able to compete in many markets. Although the discounts are way less attractive than people make them out to be from a consumers perspective, you still need to be offering something nonetheless.

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