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Creative and PPC is not something you hear
in the same sentence often.
We just blew your mind, right?  
Well, at Shear Creative, that’s what we are. Let me back up and explain. We are a results based digital creative agency. But not the boring, geeky SEO, PPC, ATV, LOL- sorry, got carried away there- type. We’re experts at that stuff, but that’s not our culture, our modus operandi [+2 for good word usage]. Results can be creative; results can be a tap-dancing duck – it’ll attract people’s attention and get ’em to pay to see more. 

We’re all about getting results by standing out, by being interesting and attractive.


How we can help your business grow:
Website Design

Our team will design beautiful, responsive websites and applications that do what well-designed sites are meant to do: Drive traffic and garner results. And beautify your business while we’re at it.

PPC Management

Our mindset of using creativity to drive results gives us the clarity to craft the proper method to market your business. We believe that paid ads need an equal amount of creative and strategic planning to be successful every day.


You can have great material, but without optimizing your digital content, it might never be seen. We use the latest tools and industry knowledge to optimize your digital materials so it works how it’s supposed to work, and it’s seen like it’s meant to be seen.

Influencer Partnerships

Partnering with the influencers in your industry helps you blow up your brand awareness and engagement and connect with your audience. We craft and execute strategic influencer marketing campaigns to amplify your brand message.

Brand Positioning

Knowing who you are as a brand is crucial to developing a business strategy. We help you find your brand identity and answer these questions, building the proper foundation to build upon.

Social Media & Reputation Management

Great social media isn’t created on a whim. Our social media campaigns are built to foster audience engagement; to make every social account into a lead generator. We focus on attracting an audience that is tuned-in to your message and is receptive of what you have to offer.

Free Non-profit Website Initiative

Do you run a Shul, School or non profit in need of a website?

Apply for a free Website!


Contact us and ask about this free website initiative for qualifying non-profits.


We'll discuss your goals and you send us basic content.

We'll create it for free!

We'll have a beautiful state of the art website created for your cause on the house. (Restrictions apply)

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